For years people in search of natural health and living alternatives have sought out reliable sources for their care.”   Finally someone delivers the goods...

Empress: Diamond has been on the scene helping women, men and children eradicate illnesses that plaque people the world over 25 years and counting. Her goal has and always will be to educate people on proper food and Sacred Living options available  that are in alignment with Nature and the ONE UNIVERSAL SOURCE.  In the coming times  and beyond the ultimate task for the individual will be to become aware of their true Nature and transcend old ways of thinking that their reality is created outside of them. One must be prepared to elevate both Spiritually and Physically as to become THE LIGHT. The Mission of Empress: Diamond is to provide Right Knowledge, Quality Retreat Services , and Products wrapped in a LIFE STYLE  fit for Empresses, Queens, Emperors, and Kings globally.   We are expanding what we offer to the millions of you out there who’ve been waiting on a SACRED WAY  of LIVING  to arrive! 


“For years people in search of Manifesting their dreams have sought

ways of making it happen.” Finally someone delivers the goods read more...

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Sovereignty 101

Natural Law is the bases on which our spiritual; moral and our purpose

all revolve around.“Observing nature is rule number one. To be in sync

with  nature is to observe humbly, that in which you share with her.

Plants,  Animals and the  Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, or one with

Mother  Nature, and are the inhabitants of this Earth.

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Sacred Living 101

Meditation & Yoga : Mindfulness

Meditation & Yoga together is considered a moving Prayer Breath is

the most important aspect of them both. The Ancient Ones described

Breath  as being the bridge between the Conscious & the Unconscious

Minds. Proper Breathing through Meditation & Yoga helps align your

bodies energy channels and integrate your being with your  ethric

body  thus bringing you in-tune with all that the Universe encompass. .

~Empress: Diamond