"For Years people in search of Natural Health and Sacred Lifestyle Methods have sought out reliable sources for their journey.

Finally someone delivers the Goods..."

For over 25 years Empress: Diamond has been on the scene helping woman, men and children eradicate illnesses that plaque people the world.  


In the coming times the ultimate task for the individual will be to become aware of your true nature, to transcend old ways of thinking that your reality is created outside of you.  The individual must be prepared to elevate both Spiritually & physically as to become one with source transforming into The Light, The Way & The Truth for each of yourselves, and for your community at large.  The  Mission of Empress: Diamond is to provide right knowledge, quality retreat services, and  Products wrapped in a lifestyle fit for Queens, & Kings globally.  We are expanding what we offer to the multitudes of you out there who've been waiting on a sacred way of living to arrive. 


Empress Diamond Akhanki: Buchango-El is the mother of three children whom she Nursed, Home Schooled, & Reared. She's still rearing & homeschooling her son Prince: Najeeb whom is an All American Athlete ( Jr Olympic Medalist). Empress Diamond is a New Orleans native. Empress  received firsthand experience with some of New Orleans finest Conjure Meta-Physicians. She received her introduction & induction into African Spirituality & Metaphysical Work through Natural Procession in her birth place New Orleans. Empress Diamond has been studying Life, Health, and Truth over 35 years. She owns a library of about 2500 books, has personally read well over 1600 of them, and written summaries on a quarter of the books she's read. Being a Healer Empress: Diamond also studied the works of the worlds first known Physician Imhotep of Kemet (Egypt) and healing methods used by our indigenous Ancestors.

Empress: Diamond is a Spiritual Consultant of Natural Health & Sacred Living. She's a Khemetic Priestess. Her Spiritual Kemetic name is SaBa: Nefer-Ankh – ShepSn: Ra Ma’at. She is a Naturalpathic Doctor,  Metaphysician, Botanist, Bio Chemist, & Certified Iridologist. Specializing in Dry Blood Cell Analysis and Mayan Womb Massage. After healing her daughter and herself of asthma she also healed herself of fibroid tumors some 28 years ago. Empress personally took note of the benefits of living in accord with nature. Of all the studies Empress has par taken in, she notes that the greatest lesson’s she has learned has come through her consistent observation of Nature. She frequently states that “Nature is her Greatest Teacher” and lives with that as a Universal Truth.

From 1988-1998 she studied Herbalism, Botany, & Biochemistry. From 1988-1992 Empress practiced at the Siddha Yoga Astram in Oakland Ca. From 1993-2004 Empress studied Khemetic Cosmology & Meditation with the Ausar Auset Society under the direction of Ra Un Nefer Amen. During her years in the Het Neter (The House Of God) Kemetic Rituals, The Oracles of Tehuti, Meditation, Yoga, & Fasting became the foundation for her Life. From 1995-2001 she owned and operated Your Holistic Health Center; one of the first ever Black & Female owned an operated Manufacturing Companies of a Full Line of Herbal Remedies in the country. While on a road trip down South in early 1995 Empress stumbled on The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnald Ehret. She began implementing Erhets Mucusless Diet and Fasting system into her life right away. Having firsthand experience what it was like to abstain from foods for 21 to 40 days at a time she began guiding her clients thru 21 Day Seasonal Fast to help rid dis-ease. She has helped hundreds of People, Entertainers included using her Remedies in eliminating root causes of Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, and a host of other Dis-eases.

Empress traveled with Healer, Naturalist Dr. Sebi assisting him on several tours during 1996-2005. It was her knowledge of Health, Fasting, & Spiritual Practices, coupled with her Southern Jazziness that drew Dr Sebi to Love and Admire her. Dr. Sebi asked Empress: Diamond several times during the course of their friendship to run his village in Honduras and his LA Office. He wanted Empress to be his Public Relations person because he Loved the knowledge she had surrounding Health, Healing, & Sacred Living, her Self Confidence, & the way in which she spoke. She gracefully declined as she was dedicated to Motherhood, her current Healing Work, and Remaining Dr Sebi’s Confidant until his passing in 2015.